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The VCC now sponsors a regular indoor climbing group. If you're ever short for a partner, or would just like to meet some new indoor partners, you can contact them via their Meetup page.

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Werribee Gorge 23 May 2015 Top
Falcons Lookout, Werribee Gorge State Park
Hywel Rowlands

It’s that perfect time of year to visit the sun soaked cliffs at Falcons Lookout. Engage your fancy footwork, core and talons to scale 500 million years of geological history and then, if you feel so inclined, yell "yipeeee I’m the king of the world!".
Suitable for beginners, experienced intermediates and advanced climbers.
Contact Hywel, the trip leader, to secure your place.
How do I know what level I am?

Learn to Lead Course TRIP FULL 5 Jun 2015 to 10 Jun 2015 Top
Mt Arapiles
Michael O'Reilly

A second Learn2Lead Course is being organised for late winter/spring. Check here for updates.

Take the next step. Learn to lead climb, have fun and get home safely.
Exclusive to VCC members
6 days qualified instruction
All equipment provided
A max 4 students per instructor.

What you will learn:
Lead climbing using natural protection
Setting up belay stations and descending from the cliff
Multi-pitch considerations
Protecting the second.

Course pre-requisites:
You should be able to safely belay and second a lead climber outdoors.
You must be a VCC member.

The cost:$625 per person including GST

Contact Michael, the VCC Trip Co-ordinator, as soon as possible to secure your place.
How do I know what level I am?

Mt Arapiles Queens Birthday Weekend 6 Jun 2015 to 8 Jun 2015 Top
Mt Arapiles
Nha Nguyen

Seize the Freeze!
Once upon a time there was a magical far, far faraway land called Arapiles. It was nestled away from mortal eyes and cloaked in climbing anonymity until 1963. Behold! Once earthy eyes discovered its hidden treasures, the lure of its mysterious wonders became irresistible. Beware! Like the Sirens calling to the Illiad, anyone falling under its charm becomes a mortal imprisoned by its intoxicating spell. Weak men and women will falter or perish; only the strong will survive and maybe even thrive at Arapiles - in the Winter of June.
Contact Nha to find out more.
Beginner places may be limited.
How do I know what level I am?

Winter Camp - Federation Hut 1 Aug 2015 to 2 Aug 2015 Top
Mt Feathertop, Alpine National Park
Philipp Hammes

Get the dust of your snow-shoes and pray for snow! We are hiking up Bungalow Spur or cross the Razorback (whatever ticks your fancy) and meet at Federation Hut for a fluffy snow camp.
If that's not enough for you, we can have a play with some mountaineering gear, build a Swiss pulley system, break through the cornice, cook some snow or light a fire in the pot-belly.

Winter is coming! DAH DA DUH DA DAH DUH DA DA DA (dadadadadadadadadadadadaadada)

Contact Philipp, the Trip Leader, to secure your place.
How do I know what level I am?

Sport Climbing 101 15 Aug 2015 to 16 Aug 2015 Top
Sport Crags, Victoria Range, Grampians National Park
Michael O'Reilly

AKA - An Introduction to Sport Climbing

This Club Trip is designed as an introduction to Sport Climbing for Trad Climbers! Yes, you can place ‘wigglies’ and lead the Organ Pipes classics at Arapiles, but why not come along and learn some of the dark secrets of sport climbing. Learn to lead to the melodic sounds of grunts instead of hexes! This trip will be an introduction to the basic skills of sport climbing – including falling.
We’ll be teaching and demonstrating clipping bolts with quickdraws, ways of stick-clipping, threading anchors, pulling on gear, falling, soft catches and ‘sports belaying’, stripping a route, avoiding back-clipping, using a draw to pull through a crux and working a route. We might even manage to demonstrate some clean, free climbing too!
Come along and learn the many techniques of sport climbing with The Yerba Crew.

Are you ready for the transition? Prerequisites:
1. If you can lead outdoors already, and can climb the steeper walls in gyms, then this trip is for you. The minimum is that you need to be able to climb in the grade range 18 – 20 on the steeper walls at Nunawading Hardrock Gym or the AME Wall at Altona Cliffhanger Gym.
2. You will also need to be leading, not seconding. And be prepared to have a go!
3. In the terms of VCC Club Trips, you need to be an Advanced Climber.
Please contact Michael to register your interest in this trip. Trip numbers may be limited.
How do I know what level I am?

How do I know what level I am? Top

For the purposes of VCC trips:

You are a Beginner climber if:

You can tie yourself in using a figure of eight knot and you have a harness, helmet, suitable footwear, one sling and a screw gate karabiner.

You are an Intermediate climber if:

You can tie yourself in using a figure of eight knot plus you can safely belay and second a lead climber, you can abseil and you have a harness, helmet, suitable footwear, several long slings, two screw gate karabiners, nut pick and belay device.

You are an Advanced climber if:

You meet the Intermediate criteria plus you can lead climb using traditional gear, you can set up belays on multi pitch climbs and you have all the above mentioned gear plus a rack and a rope.

All intending trip participants are advised to read VCC Trip Participants' Guidelines.

Contact the trip leader or email for more details.

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