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The VCC now sponsors a regular indoor climbing group. If you're ever short for a partner, or would just like to meet some new indoor partners, you can contact them via their Meetup page.

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Mt Arapiles VCC Xmas Trip 25 Dec 2014 to 28 Dec 2014 Top
Mt Arapiles
Hywel Rowlands

Whether from overseas, avoiding family or just simply climbing crazy, come join this 4 day Xmas trip to Arapiles.
Come for all 4 days, or for part of the trip.
The trip is open to climbers of all ability and experience levels, but beginner numbers may be limited.

Camping at Mount Arapiles
If you are camping at The Mount, either in The Pines or The Gums, you need to book and prepay your camping fees before the trip. The cost is $5 per person per night.
To book, visit the Parks Victoria Booking website

Please contact Trip Leader Hywel Rowlands prior to the trip if you are interested
How do I know what level I am?

Black Hill Day Trip 11 Jan 2015 Top
Black Hill, near Kyneton.
Dan Miller (The Secretary!)

What better way than slab climbing is there to improve your footwork and technique after the mindless laps of Burnley not looking at your feet! Not that there's anything wrong with improving your endurance on jugs... it's just that it won't help you at Black Hill. Come along and learn some technique and how to use your 'sticky rubber'.
The first Club Trip for 2015 is a day trip to the granite climbing area of Black Hill, near Kyneton. Dan Millar is the Trip Leader. The Club Secretary plans to show participants the climbs in the two areas around Milawa (17*) and Barefoot and Pregnant (19*) in the Upper Area of the Northern Group. Both areas offer great slab climbing.
Check out the available routes on the online Guide theCrag.

NOTE: Only 12 participants.
How do I know what level I am?

Camels Hump Day Trip 8 Feb 2015 Top
Camels Hump, Mt Macedon
Hywel Rowlands

The perfect February Day Trip for sun soaked Melbournians in need of a climbing fix. A great 'Summer Crag' with some shade possibilities and an easy walk in. The 1000m altitude also helps to lessen the heat of summer.
Climb routes on the lower cliff or head up the hill to the Omega Block and flex your muscles on the sport test pieces!
Climbs for everyone including cool chimneys, juggy aretes to thin and steep face climbs.
Suitable for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced climbers.
Contact Hywel Rowlands, the Trip Leader, prior to the trip to secure your place.
Beginner places may be limited.
How do I know what level I am?

How do I know what level I am? Top

For the purposes of VCC trips:

You are a Beginner climber if:

You can tie yourself in using a figure of eight knot and you have a harness, helmet, suitable footwear, one sling and a screw gate karabiner.

You are an Intermediate climber if:

You can tie yourself in using a figure of eight knot plus you can safely belay and second a lead climber, you can abseil and you have a harness, helmet, suitable footwear, several long slings, two screw gate karabiners, nut pick and belay device.

You are an Advanced climber if:

You meet the Intermediate criteria plus you can lead climb using traditional gear, you can set up belays on multi pitch climbs and you have all the above mentioned gear plus a rack and a rope.

All intending trip participants are advised to read VCC Trip Participants' Guidelines.

Contact the trip leader or email for more details.

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