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Australian Climbing Festival Top

The Australian Climbing Festival is coming up soon. Tickets available here

The Early Bird ticket sale ends on 12 Sept and the Full Festival Pass will be $195 after that. There are day passes and general entry tickets available too.


Burnley Bouldering - bike trail scheduled for reconstruction Top
The Main Yarra Bike Trail from MacRobertson Bridge to Burnley Harbour will be closed for scheduled reconstruction works from 15 September for roughly six weeks. The Bouldering Walls should still be accessable via McConchie Reserve (from Mary Street across the park at the side of the harbour).

See Yarra City Council's information


MUMC 70th Anniversary Dinner Top

For more details head to

Fire at Burnley bouldering walls Top
Apparently someone has been planning to have a bonfire down at Burnley, and had collected a pile of scrap wood in preparation.

I want to get the message to them that this would be a very Bad Idea. I have also been in contact with Parks Victoria and asked them to remove the wood.

We rely on good relations with PV and Transurban to use the area, and setting up fires on their land and under their infrastructure does not help.

Not just the obvious risk of having a fire next to the rubber mats (flammable), plywood walls (flammable) and plastic holds (flammable), but all under a highway flyover where any disruption is quickly going to get into million$$$.

It doesn't even need to get out of control, just someone from across the river reporting Fire Under The Highway, for them to have to close the road until the Firies and Police can find their way in to see what it going on. Then somebody starts doing risk analysis and thinking maybe it's not such a good idea to have a climbing wall under our expensive bridge after all, and the Walls are gone. < rant over >

If anyone knows who this was, tell them not to do it again. And if you see anyone doing anything similar, please report it.

Brunswick bouldering wall Top
Dear all

A massive thanks to the climbing community as well as the Brunswick community for the support we have received to create the Brunswick bouldering plaza early next year.

It is very exciting to not only get a bouldering wall but to get a dynamic public space to revitalize the southern end of Sydney Rd. Beyond bouldering there will be a lawn, treescape, seating, food truck stop and buskers. The plaza is in close proximity to great food, coffee and the dynamic community which is Brunswick.

The boulder will have about 13m of traverse and has been designed with guidance from Moreland Urban Design. It will be built by a reputable climbing fabricator with the idea if handing the running if the space to a community group of climbers.

Thanks again for supporting the accessibility of climbing and progressive active public space. We hope this boulder will compliment Burnley, the amazing gyms and the incredible natural resources we have in Victoria.

Whats really amazing is that this will actually happen and community initiated and focused design can become a reality.

BG Design

Wilson Avenue, Brunswick, bouldering wall Top
Very pleased to report that Moreland City Council is to go ahead and build a new public space at Wilson Avenue, Brunswick.

Moreland City Council information
"The new public space will have an urban bouldering wall as a feature. The wall will be approximately 9 metres long and 3 metres high, and surrounded by softfall. Eighty-four percent of the community stated that they wanted to see a wall in the new space."

Thanks to everyone who visited the pop-up park, the Training Day fun day there, and filled in the council survey. The community support really got it over the line.
They are intending to commence 12 week construction period in early January 2015. Watch this space....


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Patrick Chung Top
It is with deep regret that we wish to advise that club member Patrick Chung died on Thursday 24th April, as a result of a fall from the cliffs of The Great Wall at Moonarie, in South Australia.

The funeral service for Patrick will be at 10 am on Friday 9th May at Le Pine's funeral chapel on Upper Heidelberg Road in Ivanhoe, followed by a short reception. Those who would like to say a final farewell to Patrick are welcome to attend.

Patrick passed away while doing something he loved, and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Our sincerest condolences to Patrick's family and friends. R.I.P. Patrick.

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