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Wilson Avenue, Brunswick, bouldering wall Top
Very pleased to report that Moreland City Council is to go ahead and build a new public space at Wilson Avenue, Brunswick.

Moreland City Council information
"The new public space will have an urban bouldering wall as a feature. The wall will be approximately 9 metres long and 3 metres high, and surrounded by softfall. Eighty-four percent of the community stated that they wanted to see a wall in the new space."

Thanks to everyone who visited the pop-up park, the Training Day fun day there, and filled in the council survey. The community support really got it over the line.
They are intending to commence 12 week construction period in early January 2015. Watch this space....


2014 National Lead Titles Top

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Patrick Chung Top
It is with deep regret that we wish to advise that club member Patrick Chung died on Thursday 24th April, as a result of a fall from the cliffs of The Great Wall at Moonarie, in South Australia.

The funeral service for Patrick will be at 10 am on Friday 9th May at Le Pine's funeral chapel on Upper Heidelberg Road in Ivanhoe, followed by a short reception. Those who would like to say a final farewell to Patrick are welcome to attend.

Patrick passed away while doing something he loved, and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Our sincerest condolences to Patrick's family and friends. R.I.P. Patrick.

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Training Day Top
I guess the two things I love about climbing is that its hard but if you work hard enough what was once thought improbable can become a reality. It's a sport where challenging the self is integral and this challenge can be applied to the rest of your life.

Climbing creates an incredible connection to the natural environment however as Burnley proves climbing can create a sublime connection to the urban environment too. With this in mind there has been a two year campaign to get a boulder built in Brunswick. Originally we just wanted some space anywhere and some sort of budget to get a Northside wall happening however Bouldergeist design was invited by Moreland Council to help bid on a justice department competition to councils looking for urban interventions which may lower petty crime. The council choose Wilson Avenue off Sydney Rd as the site and we won more than enough money to build two Burnleys.

The catch is the cost of the new park that has to be made to house the boulder and its impact to the surrounds. Council has decided to create an 8 week pop up park to test traffic circulation and to gauge response to the final facility. The final obstacle is community complaints. There is always a fear of the unknown and many don't know that compared to other so called extreme sports climbing has a wide demographic of generally switched on people. To demonstrate climbing's wide appeal in the community we have created Training day

Training day challenges you to participate in a seven circuit exercise challenge on the streets of Brunswick. We have Pilates instructors and several gyms running custom circuits which, will be scattered in and around Wilson Avenue. One activity is a mobile climbing wall which in itself is not much of a challenge but when incorporated into the circuit becomes more challenging. The purpose of this day is community support so a simple climbing challenge could be what we need to get this project the best possible result. It will mean that many ordinary Joe's and Jane's who work out but don't necessarily climb will hopefully support the boulder where otherwise they may not.

We ask climbers to come down and participate. Your presence will be a vote towards determining how much space we are allocated to create the Brunswick boulder. We asked VCC to supply some people for a petition late last year. One thing which, everyone noticed that climbing was a sport which, attracts a full spectrum of ages, races and is friendly to females as much as males. It is one thing to talk about demographics but when people show up in person demographic appeal of the sport can not be doubted.

Training day will be a fun day and you will have an opportunity to discover new ways of cross training and places to train. If you choose to compete you are at an advantage and I am happy to tell you sneakily now that there is a second wall climb as the last station and climbers will be most prepared for the final pump. Most of all you are helping the cause of more accessible places to climb in our awesome city in a fun and unique manner. This is one of the last hurdles in getting this space built with the best possible outcome so come down help us get the best possible wall.


Stuart - Bouldergeist Design

P.S thanks to everyone who has already signed or collected signatures for this project, much appreciated :>


Grampians Access Top
Due to the recent fires, large parts of the Grampians National Park are closed. Rather than list what's closed, it's easier to list what's open. Easier still is to look at the map Parks has provided here: This link also includes a list of the open roads in the park.

Keep in mind too, that while the Victoria Range is open again, all crags along Emu Foot Track (Weirs Creek, Eureka, Lost World, etc) are closed due to the severity of the damage caused in the February 2013 fires.

As always, if you're not sure, ask Tracey:

Leading Ladder Season Starting the 28th Jan 2014 Top
Leading Ladder first round: from 28th Jan until 16th Feb
State Titles at Bayside: 1st March
Leading ladder round 2 and 3: April and June
National Titles at Hardrock Nunawading: 19th and 20th July

The leading ladder is a friendly comp that happens at all Melbourne lead facilities. Grades start at 15/16 so it is accessible for most climbing abilities. The main idea of the event is to make climbers go to all gyms and meet others to climb the routes together.

State Titles is an official comp for all Victoria. It is accessible to most climbing abilities as well because of the open B category that is not as competitive and usually fun. Info

National Titles is down in Victoria this year, which is great as it did not happen for many years. The open B category will be there as well to allow as many climbers as possible to compete.

2013 Cliffcare Raffle Winners Top
Here's the winners of this year's Cliffcare raffle:
Bayside Rock12 mth Gym Membership$1,150.00Rhys Evans
Hardrock6 mth Dual Gym Membership$835.00Paul Grant
Bayside Rock6 mth Gym Membership$665.00Thomas Caley
Bogong EquipmentVoucher$500.00Kelly Castelletti
Hardrock4 x 10 Visit pass$162.00Judy and Neil Campbell, Greg Beanland, Will Moase, Tom Peat
Rock Adventure Centre10 visit pass$140.00Cameron Abraham
Mosaic MyotherapyOne Rock Climber's Myotherapy Treatment (60-75 minutes) valued at $90+$90.00Craig Orgill
Remote Equipment Repairs2 x Standard washing and cleaning service for down/synthetic sleeping bag$90.00Lucas Dent, Peter Thomson
Big John's Retreads2 x Rand repair and resole$65.00Ramon Francis, Ashley Lim
Rockmaster Publications2 x Sublime Climbs Guidebook$59.95Nathalie Dodin, Krissie Piskorz
Open SpacesArapiles Selected Climbs$59.95Ashley Lim
Onsight PhotographyGrampians Climbing - Sports Crags$46.95Tracey Skinner
Onsight Photography2 x Images from the Edge$33.00Lewis Clark, Craig Darroch
Open SpacesRockclimbs around Melbourne$29.95Mel Field
Onsight Photography4 x Arapiles, 444 of the Best$19.95Jo Dowling, Mikey Poore, Paul Grant, Kerstin Seibel

2013 Cliffcare Raffle Top
It's on again, the often imitated but never duplicated, 2013 CliffCare raffle.

If you're not sure what a raffle is there's always a dictionary. If you're not sure what CliffCare is, or does, than read on.

Put simply, CliffCare is the environmental arm of the Victorian Climbing Club. CliffCare employs an access officer (Tracey) who works with Parks Victoria and land managers/owners to maintain (and in some cases re-open) our beloved climbing areas.

What does this actually mean for you? It means healthier climbing areas through erosion control efforts, better access to crags through track marking efforts and sometimes new areas to climb by negotiating the opening of closed areas.

To continue the great work of our access officer we need to raise funds and thanks to the generous donations of our sponsors we will do just that.

Below is a list of our sponsors and the prizes they've donated. Now all you need to do is buy some tickets.

If you want more info about CliffCare go here: If you want to buy some tickets please contact me here:

Thanks again to all our sponsors and their generous donations:

Bayside Rock12 mth Gym Membership$1,150.00
Hardrock6 mth Dual Gym Membership$835.00
Bayside Rock6 mth Gym Membership$665.00
Bogong EquipmentVoucher$500.00
Hardrock4 x 10 Visit pass$162.00
Rock Adventure Centre10 visit pass$140.00
Mosaic MyotherapyOne Rock Climber's Myotherapy Treatment (60-75 minutes) valued at $90+$90.00
Remote Equipment Repairs2 x Standard washing and cleaning service for down/synthetic sleeping bag$90.00
Big John's Retreads2 x Rand repair and resole$65.00
Rockmaster Publications2 x Sublime Climbs Guidebook$59.95
Open SpacesArapiles Selected Climbs$59.95
Onsight PhotographyGrampians Climbing - Sports Crags$46.95
Onsight Photography2 x Images from the Edge$33.00
Open SpacesRockclimbs around Melbourne$29.95
Onsight Photography4 x Arapiles, 444 of the Best$19.95

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